Potential Motors debuts mini off-road RV with a catch

The Canadian startup Potential Motors presents Adventure 1, a mini motorhome and off-road vehicle with electric drive. It is purely recreational and made to go where larger trucks won’t, just not very far. However, there’s a nice catch for towing it along.

Basics first, since Potential Motors put solid-enough technology into their mini motorhome. Two electric motors combine to provide 450 kW in AWD powered by a 70 kWh battery making for a range of around 160 kilometres. Not much, if it weren’t for the towing part.

Pictures show the Adventure One being dragged behind a real-size RV and there are reasons for this scenario that could seem rather absurd otherwise. The Adventure 1 will hit the roads licensed as UTV or Off-Road Recreational Vehicle (ORV), meaning it can go off-road but won’t be allowed on highways in some states. However, there’s a better reason for pulling it along –  the mini RV is capable of recharging while on the tow.

Once fully charged, you may indeed go to many places, especially since Potential Motors took a measured approach. At just 64” (1.6 metres) wide, the Adventure 1 can access the vast network of ATV trails and remote destinations inaccessible to trucks or SUVs, so the claim. The wheelbase is not much more generous at 105” (2.66 metres), yet the company managed to pack a “full size” double bed and tiny kitchen in addition to 2,500 litres of dry interior storage and a 40-litre water tank.

The kitchen again holds another extra. The propane, usually reserved for cooking and heating, can be reutilised as a backup charger in an emergency to get some extra juice into the battery. How much is unclear from the announcement.

Potential Motors is already taking reservations for Adventure 1. However, so far, they confirmed only building a few units without specifying a number. The “exclusive, limited edition product”, as Potential calls it, will also come at a similarly exclusive price of  $136,600.



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