Zepp reveals H2 solution for heavy-duty applications

In Europe, the Dutch hydrogen fuel cell system developer Zepp Solutions has revealed the X150, a new 150 kW fuel cell system for heavy-duty applications. The new module is now up for pre-order with deliveries expected by mid-2023.

Zepp Solutions says the new fuel cell solution is available in configurations suitable for installation in vehicle rooftops, engine bays or machine room applications. The company claims that the X150 has higher power density than other turnkey modules on the market and is ideal for heavy-duty OEM’s, machine manufacturers and shipyards.

In comparison to the company’s 50 kW zepp.Y50 module, Zepp says the X150 offers a “significantly” decreased cost per kW and a 25% bump in power density. In terms of installation, the drop-in module can minimize engineering efforts and costs since the integrated DCDC converter can be directly connected to the vehicle’s DC power bus. Where a higher power capacity up to megawatt applications is required, multiple modules can be integrated in parallel.

The fuel cell system supplier from the Netherlands says that its X150 system has already generated multiple pre-orders from companies in different sectors. The Dutch company is demonstrating the system’s power density its own hydrogen-electric trailer tractor, DREAMH2AUL. Here, the truck features 50 kg of hydrogen storage at 350 bars to ensure what the company says is a range of up to 800 km. According to Zepp Solutions, this makes it the first 350 bar hydrogen-electric semi-truck able to tow the standard ISO-trailers (45ft / 13.6m) without exceeding the European length restrictions. Orders are already underway, as the first two of these trucks have been ordered by Vos Transport and BCTN Group.

In August this year, we reported that components from Zepp Solutions were installed in a hydrogen fuel cell water taxi in Rotterdam. The MSTX 22 has room for up to twelve passengers, and Watertaxi Rotterdam will use it in regular ferry services.



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