Netherlands opens EV subsidy pot for 2023

In the Netherlands, subsidies for the purchase of electric cars can now be applied for again. This year, €99.4 million are in the subsidy pot. However, not the entire amount is available for the subsidy of new electric cars.

The €99.4 million are more than last year, but the subsidy for new electric cars decreases by 400 euros. What is more, of the €99.4 million, €67 million are reserved for purchasing or leasing new electric cars and €32.4 million for used electric cars. New electric cars will be subsidised with €2,950 in 2023 if the price is below €45,000. The state will continue to provide €2,000 for used electric cars.

In other words, the budget for the new car subsidy is enough for just over 22,700 vehicles. For used electric vehicles, 16,200 electric vehicles can be subsidised before the €32.4 million are used up.

These are important key figures because the subsidy budget is not adjusted and increased in the course of the year to meet demand – if the pot is empty, no more purchase premiums are possible in that calendar year. For 2021, the budget for the new car subsidy was exhausted at the end of August, last year all funds had already been used up by mid-June – at that time, 71 million euros were used to subsidise 22,000 electric cars with €3,350 each.

A similar issue persisted when the subsidies were introduced in 2020, as a spokesperson explained: “In the first year, the pot was quickly empty,” says a spokesman for the RVO, which is responsible for implementation. “The budget is now considerably higher. It remains a popular arrangement.”,


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