ElectroMobility Poland to utilize Pininfarina design

ElectroMobility Poland (EMP), a budding EV manufacturer backed by the Polish government, wants to add some Italian flair to its Izera EV subsidiary. The company is working with the Italian design company Pininfarina, which is to design three electric cars: an SUV, a hatchback and an estate.

The Italians are responsible for the design of the body as well as the interior and are also to submit a proposal for the control panels. The vehicles will reportedly be based on Geely’s SEA platform. “The aim of our collaboration is to leverage the stylistic DNA we showed at the public presentation of the 2020 Izera prototypes and update the brand’s unique design language to match the parameters of the platform on which our vehicles will be built and market trends,” says Izera chief designer Tadeusz Jelec.

“The opportunity to work with such an accomplished and experienced partner as Pininfarina, boasting unique competences is another milestone on the road to serial production of Izera,” says Łukasz Maliczenko, Head of Technical Product Development at EMP, adding: “As a new brand, we have to focus on our advantages in a very competitive market, and the timeless and attractive design will be one of distinguishing features of Izera.”

“The collaboration with Pininfarina opens up opportunities that, as a new brand, we do not yet have. We are gaining access to the competences, personnel and facilities necessary to follow the work directions we have adopted for the styling of Izera. We set the direction and our partners will play a crucial role in developing it and reaching our goals,” added Tadeusz Jelec, chief designer of Izera.

The road to series production has become a little longer than originally planned for the Polish startup. At the beginning of the year, the Polish manufacturer announced the delay of the construction of its manufacturing facility in Jaworzno, Poland, and thus the start of production. The groundbreaking ceremony is now planned for 2024 and the first Izera electric cars could roll off the production line by the end of 2025.

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