Porsche will build all-electric Cayenne in Slovakia

Porsche will build the upcoming battery-electric Cayenne at Volkswagen Slovakia’s multi-brand site in Bratislava. The combustion engine and plug-in hybrid variants are both already coming off the production lines there.

“The plant in Bratislava has done outstanding work in recent years and has received several awards,” says Albrecht Reimold, Board Member for Production and Logistics at Porsche. “The future Cayenne will be the first all-electric SUV to be manufactured there.”

The carmaker writes in its press release that the site in Slovakia “is currently preparing for the start of series production of the extensively upgraded new Cayenne”. However, Porsche does not give any details, for example, about how much money it is investing in the upgrade or when production will start.

It is, therefore, still unclear when exactly the electric Cayenne will launch. However, Porsche does reveal that the Cayenne will become the fourth model series with an all-electric drive after the Taycan (since 2019), the Macan (in 2024) and the 718 (mid-decade). The previously rumoured market launch in 2026 is, therefore, realistic.

Porsche recently announced another all-electric SUV above the Cayenne for the decade’s second half, which will be produced in Leipzig. The new electric flagship is to be launched in 2027 and will be a seven-seater, off-road-capable luxury crossover.

The German carmaker aims to deliver more than 80 per cent of its new vehicles as fully electric models in 2030. A goal recently underscored at the company’s annual press conference. Porsche then said that in the fiscal year 2022, the operating margin will rise from 16 to 18 per cent. To expand the long-term return targets (with more EVs in the portfolio), the Executive Board has launched ‘Road to 20’, an “ambitious” programme to ensure the carmaker’s 20 per cent profit goal.



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