Aalen University to research solid-state batteries

The German ministry for education and research (BMBF) is supporting the construction of a facility at Aalen University with a subsidy of 850,000 euro. The facility is designed to support research into new solid-state battery technology.

A facility of this variety has never been built before, and researchers say they will be able to test extremely sensitive materials rigorously in a controlled environment, and to analyse the material down to the atomic level.

The facility will go active as a part of the HiBat4.0 project, which aims to research and develop materials as well as production technologies for solid state batteries. They shall have a significantly higher material density and energy storage capabilities and the technology the project yields will be used in a variety of applicable ways, including e-mobility.

The new facilities in Aalen will enable researchers to approach the questions behind electrical energy storage in new ways, and allow for entry to post-lithium-ion-technology, according to professor Volker Knoblauch, from the institute for material studies. He expects the project to provide great insight and new breakthroughs in battery storage technology, which will benefit a number of other ongoing projects.

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