Fisker Ocean can now be configured and ordered

Fisker has opened the configurator for its Ocean all-electric SUV. There are three variants available: Sport, Ultra and Extreme. Prices in the UK start at £35,970.

The smallest variant has a WTLP range of 440 kilometres, while the Ultra and Extreme variants have a WLTP range of 610 and 707 kilometres, respectively. The base version has a single-motor front-wheel drive and the ‘Touring Range’ battery option. The two larger variants feature a twin-engine all-wheel drive and the ‘Hyper Range’ battery option.

In the UK, the Sport variant starts at £35,970, and the Ultra and Extreme versions sell from £54,265 and £63,070, respectively. The Fisker Ocean One is available from £60,880.

In continental Europe, the Ultra variant is available from €54,322 in Germany, while the Extreme version starts at €67,272. The launch edition, the Fisker Ocean One, starts at €67,272.

According to Fisker, the Ocean has the longest range of any all-electric SUV sold in Europe to date. Figures now exceed its previous estimates of 390 miles (628 kilometres). “This achievement is a major milestone for everyone at Fisker, and we are delighted the range exceeds our initial calculations,” says CEO Henrik Fisker.

On top of that, the Fisker Ocean Extreme comes with solar panels on the roof. According to the carmaker, the “Solar Sky” can generate enough energy for up to 2,400 kilometres per year. Under ideal conditions – so probably not anywhere in northern Europe – it could even generate enough energy for as much as 3,200 kilometres of range.

The Ocean also has bidirectional charging capabilities; a useful feature, according to Fisker, since the number of power outages due to bad weather is rising.

Fisker expects European homologation approval by the authorities by 28 April 2023. Deliveries are said to “start thereafter.” According to the EV maker, the first Fisker Centres will open its doors on 11 April in Vienna and Copenhagen. More locations “across Europe and the US will follow throughout 2023.”

The Fisker Ocean will launch in 13 countries this year. The carmaker will first make the EV available in the US, Canada, Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and France, followed by the UK (right-hand drive), Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, and India (also right-hand drive) in 2023. Additional countries, including China, are expected to follow in 2024.

Production of the model started in November 2022 at the contract manufacturer Magna in Graz. At the end of April, only 54 units had already been built. But Fisker plans to manufacture 300 units in the first quarter of 2023 and 8.000 in the second quarter. In total, the carmaker wants to build 42.400 units this year – a figure the carmaker continues to stick to. (press release), (configuration)


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