Unico introduces new EV battery testing platform

Unico, an EV test solution provider from Wisconsin, has launched its new Quantum Drive Platform. While the name is reminiscent of drive systems, it is in fact designed to help companies develop and validate batteries for electric vehicles and reduce installation costs and operating expenses.

Unico claims that its new Quantum Drive Platform allows multiple pack, module, and cell test channels to be utilized in a single system for “back-to-back” battery testing. Additionally, the discharge energy can be used as the charge energy for another channel, or can be hooked up to an energy storage system to save for later use.

Unico will kick off pilot programmes to test the Unico Quantum Drive Platform this summer, ahead of customer deliveries, which are scheduled to begin in Q3 2023.

“Developing and testing batteries for electric vehicles requires the validation of cells, modules, and packs across a wide operating range,” said Don Wright, VP of Engineering at Unico. “This testing requires multiple high-power feeds and significant floorspace which leads to high installation and operational costs. The new Quantum Drive Platform from Unico aims to address these challenges by allowing companies to recirculate the energy from different pieces of test equipment which will offer a tremendous cost and floor space savings for our customers.”



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