Stellantis & Qinomic consider electric transporter conversions

The car company Stellantis and the French technology company Qinomic are working on an electric conversion concept for light commercial vehicles. The development of the solution is to be completed in 2023 and the market launch started in 2024 – initially in France.

The concept will target commercial customers and ensure that the manufacturer’s quality and specifications can be maintained in terms of safety, durability and type approval. Stellantis says that the electric retrofit is intended to be a sustainable and affordable solution for customers who want to move to zero emissions and reduce their total cost of ownership, but keep their existing vehicles.

On Stellantis’ side, the project involves both its Circular Economy and Commercial Vehicles divisions, as well as the Stellantis Ventures Studio. The conversion partner is Qinomic, which describes itself as a solution developer for upgrading existing combustion fleets. Based near Aix-en-Provence, the company claims to have many years of experience in the automotive industry, particularly in electronics and vehicle architecture. The aim, it says, is to become a leader in upcycling engineering and to accelerate the adoption of zero-carbon solutions in longer vehicle life cycles.

The joint development of the concept is expected to be completed next year and combined with feedback from customers driving the first demo vehicles. The market launch is then expected to begin in France in 2024.

“Retrofitting technology will reinforce Stellantis’ leadership in zero emission mobility solutions for professional customers, complementing our full electrified van range,” said Xavier Peugeot, Senior Vice President Commercial Vehicle Business Unit at Stellantis.

According to Frédéric Strady, co-founder and CEO of Qinomic, the cooperation with Stellantis is an important step in Qinomic’s development. “It is an important step in Qinomic’s development, which will enable us to finalize and implement some of the innovative technical solutions we are developing for the retrofit industry.”


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