Oregon temporarily suspends EV rebate programme

The US state of Oregon will put its ‘Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program’ on ice from 1 May, citing high demand. According to projections, the funds available will be depleted by then.

Initially, the programme had a budget of $17.5 million for 2023, $15.5 million of which were reserved for rebates. But available funding was already down to less than $7 million in early March, according to a website the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) created, where applicants can see how much money is left for 2023.

That means people who buy or lease an eligible battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric car or zero-emission motorcycle after 30 April will not be eligible for the rebates. And even if they do so before the cut-off date, funds could already be depleted. In that case, owners would be put on a waiting list and receive the rebate once the funds are replenished in 2024.

The programme pays $2,500 to purchase or lease a new EV or PHEV with a battery capacity of 10 kWh or more. If the battery capacity is less than 10 kWh, the vehicles are eligible for $1,500 in funding. Electric motorcycles receive $750.

“DEQ has one of the most generous EV rebate programs in the country. It has been extremely successful, and 2023 rebate applications are coming in at our highest rate yet. People are choosing electric vehicles and rebates are instrumental in lowering the costs to Oregonians,” says Oregon DEQ Director Leah Feldon.

Despite the upcoming freeze, all vehicles purchased or leased after the end of April still qualify for federal tax credits. Moreover, many electricity providers give rebates, for example, for installing home chargers. In the City of Ashland, customers can even receive a cash incentive for buying an electric bicycle.

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