Koncar orders train batteries from Leclanché

The Croatian train builder Koncar has placed its first order with the Swiss battery system manufacturer Leclanché. The order is for battery systems for two trains that will operate on medium-haul routes in coastal and inland Croatia.

The battery system will be used for an all-electric train and a hybrid train, whereby the hybrid train is also a purely electric system – only it draws its energy from the batteries or an overhead line, depending on the section of track. In both cases, the Swiss company will supply Koncar with their INT-53 Energy Packs and battery thermal management systems.

In the case of the battery train, 14 of the battery packs will be used, and in the case of the hybrid train, twelve. The INT-53 system was developed specifically for trains running on partially electrified or non-electrified railway lines.

“We turned to Leclanché as battery supplier for several reasons, but most importantly, their focus on safety,” said Gordan Kolak, CEO, KONČAR. “The eight-year cycle life of INT-53 Energy packs and their compliance with stringent European railway standards are of vital consideration to us.”

Although not directly confirmed in the Leclanché announcement, the two trains probably originate from the order for a total of six units that the Croatian state railway HZPP placed with Koncar at the beginning of the year. At that time, as now in the press release, there was talk of using the trains on the lines around the cities of Varazdin, Osijek, Virovitica and Bjelovar. It is currently not clear where the battery systems for the remaining four trains will come from.



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