Mullen Technologies to use solid-state batteries from 2025

California-based electric car startup Mullen Technologies plans to equip the second generation of its ‘Five’ electric SUV with solid-state batteries and is aiming for initial vehicle tests with the technology in 2025.

The first-generation Mullen Five, planned for 2024, on the other hand, will still use conventional lithium-ion cells – in other words, liquid electrolyte. For batteries in later models, Mullen is working on other battery technologies. One of these is the solid-state battery, which Mullen calls “solid-state polymer cells.”

According to data collected during tests of the solid-state cells, Mullen Technologies says it could achieve ranges of more than 600 miles (965 km) with a 150-kWh battery pack and recharge a range of more than 300 miles (483 km) within 18 minutes.

“We have conducted successful testing and will next begin development at the pack level,” said David Michery, CEO of Mullen Automotive. “The test data collected shows an impressive result and future for solid-state batteries. In summary, we tested our 300 Ah (amp-hour) cell, which delivered 343 Ah at 4.3 volts, and the results exceeded all expectations.”

In parallel, Mullen is also conducting research on lithium-sulfur batteries. In the current announcement, the company also states that it is working on lithium iron phosphate batteries.

At the LA Auto Show, Mullen had unveiled the latest version of the Five electric crossover and increased the reservation limit from 5,000 to 25,000 vehicles. The company has also entered into a number of collaborations on the way to series production of the Five, such as with powertrain specialist Hofer Powertrain and automation specialist Comau, which is part of the Stellantis Group.


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