Volvo Trucks offers more e-trucks for the construction industry

Electric vehicles are perfectly suited for construction sites, as Volvo Trucks demonstrates with its heavy-duty electric trucks. The manufacturer now offers trucks with simple chassis and various superstructures, such as tippers, mixers or cranes – all with an electric drivetrain.

The trucks Volvo offers for construction sites are FM Electric and FMX Electric. The FM is a heavy-duty truck for multiple applications, while the FMX was specifically designed as a vehicle for the construction industry right from the beginning.

The electric construction vehicles are available in “a variety of cab and battery options, as well as a wide range of axle configurations,” says Volvo Trucks. Customers can choose from six battery packages with capacities ranging from 180 to 540 kWh. “In terms of battery capacity, the truck can be configured to match the actual use and route. By not having more batteries on board than necessary, the payload and thus productivity can be increased,” says Jessica Sandström, global product manager at Volvo Trucks.

In addition, the trucks come with one of three PTOs (power take-offs) – electric PTO, transmission PTO and electromechanical PTO.

Series production of the first variants of the FH, FM and FMX Electric models kicked off in Gothenburg in September 2022. Further variants will follow this year. The model with three electric motors, a 490 kW powertrain, and five to six batteries with a total capacity of 450 to 540 kWh is scheduled to roll off the production line this month. The 330 kW variant with two electric motors and a 360 kWh battery pack will launch in May.

A smaller variant with a 180 to 270 kWh battery capacity is scheduled for production in September 2023, and Volvo Trucks says the vehicle can already be ordered in June.

The manufacturer recently announced it had sold 4,300 electric trucks to customers in 38 countries since production began in 2019. In February, Volvo Trucks delivered the first FMX Electric all-electric ready-mix concrete mixer to a construction materials manufacturer in Berlin.

“Construction trucks usually travel quite short distances and operate with repetitive sequences, for example, when delivering materials to construction sites,” Sandström said. “This makes them very suitable for electrification.” (in German)


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