CleanSpark announces partnership with solar and storage developer Symmetric Energy

CleanSpark, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, (Nasdaq: CLSK) an advanced software and controls technology solutions company, focused on solving modern energy challenges, today announced it has partnered with Symmetric Energy LLC, Ross California, to target new microgrid projects in Northern California, United States. The objective will be to provide reliable back-up energy or off-grid power using a combination of solar PV and energy storage for both commercial and estate-level residential microgrids.

Symmetric is designing solar and storage solutions that provide “Peace of Mind” battery back-up services for residential customers and energy security at an industrial scale for commercial implementations. Symmetric is based in San Rafael, CA and serves all of the Bay Area counties including MarinSonomaNapaSan MateoSanta Clara, as well as the surrounding areas which have a history of fire and weather-induced power outages and demand constraints.

In anticipation of the partnership, CleanSpark and Symmetric have already begun project development for off-grid residential projects to be managed by CleanSpark’s patented mPulse intelligent controls for solar and storage. Additionally, the agreement provides that mVSO, CleanSpark’s design and modeling software, is to be used to analyze upcoming projects and RFPs for Symmetric.

Amer Tadayon, CleanSpark’s Chief Revenue Officer commented, “We are excited to announce another partnership with a well-established solar and storage developer in California.  We believe that partnering with CleanSpark for design and controls software along with the co-marketing capabilities of our team will allow Symmetric to rapidly generate many more microgrid projects.  With Symmetric, CleanSpark will be able to provide mPulse to a substantial number of projects through a trusted, existing relationship.”

Elliott Jessup, Director of Business Development for Symmetric Energy stated, “We had identified the need to offer intelligent software and controls to provide energy security, resiliency and cost-avoidance to our long-term clientele.  We analyzed a number of options and determined that CleanSpark’s control solution will best provide our clients with savings, secure backup power, and even provide off-grid capabilities when the need arises.  CleanSpark will provide us with the resources, relationships and technologies to ensure that the energy solutions are properly optimized to meet the needs of our discerning residential and commercial customers.”

About CleanSpark

CleanSpark, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is in the business of providing advanced software and controls technology solutions to solve modern energy challenges.  We have a suite of software solutions that provide end-to-end microgrid energy modeling, energy market communications and energy management solutions.  Our offerings consist of intelligent energy monitoring and controls, intelligent microgrid design software, middleware communications protocols for the energy industry, energy system engineering and software consulting services.

About Symmetric

Symmetric Energy provides custom tailored solutions to give your home or place of work energy independence and a level of energy cost savings that only a well-designed solar system can provide.



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