Ford brings it electric pickup Europe

Ford is launching its all-electric pickup F‑150 Lightning in Europe. A limited number of launch edition units are available for pre-order in Norway.

According to Ford, the launch in Norway comes “in response to overwhelming public demand.” Per Gunnar Berg, managing director, Ford Norway, says that people there are very passionate about the pickup. “I’ve had customers literally banging on my door and pleading for us to bring the electric pickup to Norway,” he says.

Whether that is true or not remains up for discussion. Fact is that the carmaker knows that its electric F-150 Lightning will most likely be in high demand in Norway as the country is looking to electrify cars and light commercial vehicles by 2025 completely.

While Ford writes in its press release that Norway is “the first country to take the multi-award-winning pickup global,” the carmaker does not mention if and when the pickup could launch in other European countries. Ford generally does not get very specific in its announcement. For example, the carmaker says that there is “a strictly limited number of special F‑150 Lightning Lariat Launch Edition vehicles” available but does not mention exactly how many.

In Norway, the EV will be offered exclusively with Super Crew Cab body style in Antimatter Blue metallic body colour. It comes equipped with the 98 kW battery pack and a “four-wheel drive powertrain generating 458 PS and 1,050 Nm of torque, enabling performance car acceleration of 0-100 km/h in less than 5 seconds.” Moreover, it can offload up to 2.3 kW to, for example, “power tools, electronics and appliances at a work site or when camping off-grid via built-in electrical sockets.”

The WLTP range has not been announced, but for the US, it has an EPA range of 240 miles (386 kilometres). Deliveries there will start next year. The F-150 Lightning will start at $111,500 in Norway, much more than the around $78,000 starting price in the US.

In the US, the electric pickup is in high demand, which is why the carmaker has repeatedly ramped-up production at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. And last year, Ford announced plans for electric variants for its smaller trucks, the Maverick and Ranger. These models would then also be available in Europe.


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