Maxell commercializes high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery

Maxell, Ltd. has succeeded in increasing the energy density of a ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery using a sulfide based solid electrolyte, resulting in a newly developed and commercialized ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery that has approximately twice the energy density of its predecessor.

This high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery achieved twice the energy density by adopting new technologies regarding structures and processes, while maintaining various properties such as the capacity, output characteristics and heat resistance of the ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery announced in March 2021.
Responding to the requests from FA and infrastructure device manufacturers, Maxell will begin sample shipment of high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery achieving half the volume from August 2022.

With this high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state battery, reliability in a 250ºC
environment can be maintained – something that was difficult with conventional lithium-ion
batteries – and surface mounting is enabled by reflow soldering. Because of their ability to
support smaller size and larger capacity, sales of these products will also be expanded to the markets such as those of medical devices (where sterilization is essential), FA equipment and invehicle equipment, as well as those markets where surface mounting is required.

Maxell is planning to install manufacturing equipment for mass production of the high-capacity ceramic packaged all-solid-state batteries at the Kyoto factory in the spring 2023, and also a transition to quick start up of mass production of high-capacity
ceramic packaged all-solid-state batteries by utilizing factories, equipment, production
engineering technology and know-how for micro and lithium-ion batteries in Japan.




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