Optodot, new patent for electrode coated separator technology

High-tech company Optodot Corporation, Boston, MA, United States, has added a cutting-edge U.S. patent to its portfolio of more than 90 pending and issued battery patents worldwide. This new IP is directed to Optodot’s NanoPore® Electrode Coated Separator (ECS) technology, defining an advanced design and manufacturing option for next-generation batteries. With ECS, electrodes—for example, lithium metal anodes—are directly deposited onto the separator to form a separator/electrode stack.

This latest Optodot patent, titled “Methods of Producing Batteries Using Anode Metal Depositions Directly on Nanoporous Separators,“ issued on Tuesday, March 16, as U.S. Patent No. 10,950,837. It has particular application to lithium metal batteries and joins Optodot’s more than 35 pending and issued patents worldwide that are directed to this ECS technology.

“Our streamlined NanoPore® ECS battery manufacturing process is designed to produce safer, lighter, and faster-charging batteries while operating with lower battery capital and production costs,” says Dr. Steve Carlson, President and CEO of Optodot. “In addition to enabling lower-cost manufacturing of large EV batteries, ECS technology can be used to make inkjet and 3D-printed batteries.”

Dr. Carlson, MIT graduate and the founder of Optodot (2000), has been at the forefront of battery development and licensing over the past 25 years. In 1996, Dr. Carlson invented boehmite ceramic-coated separators (CCS), many years before they became widely used for increased battery safety.

Optodot continued to innovate, developing the patented nanocomposite allceramic separator, NPORE®, which features zero heat shrinkage for increased battery safety.

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) accelerates, next-generation batteries must deliver increased performance at lower cost, all while satisfying stringent safety requirements. Optodot Corporation’s NanoPore® Electrode Coated Separator (ECS) IP and technology anticipate and address these new challenges.



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