The new technologies powering the battery race

With the electrification process paving the way for a cleaner world, companies are working on the creation of well-performing, long-lasting and reliable rechargeable battery chemistries.

The automotive industry, one of the biggest sources of air pollution, is
quickly shifting to electric cars because of the improved battery
technologies. The cost of manufacturing batteries is still
relatively expensive, especially in industries that require large
amounts of batteries, such as the automotive and energy storage industries. Despite this,
battery technologies keep on improving and prices are constantly dropping.
Using improved batteries will allow the use of 100% renewable energy. This is already happening with EVs – it’s set to be the next revolution.

Everyone is trying to create the next generation of batteries and to bring
revolutionary engineering solutions to the market for a more
sustainable future. Our webinar is partnered with Addionics, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, and will cover these solutions. It will cover topics from promising emerging chemistries, such as solid state and silicon, to new battery design and engineering. We will dive into the
challenges, opportunities, and advantages of the available technologies in today’s market,

as well as their adoption and how they will enable the green revolution era.

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