Millibatt announces the official launch of Nimbus, its innovative ultra high power coin battery solution

Millibatt, Inc., a Los Angeles-based tech company and part of the Y Combinator alumni network, announced today the launch of its battery solution, Nimbus. Nimbus is a series of rechargeable ultra high power lithium-ion coin batteries featuring Millibatt’s innovative technology and packed in a stainless steel casing for improved safety and robustness. Nimbus comes in a variety of capacities and sizes to serve different applications.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Nimbus,” said Janet Hur, CEO and co-founder of Millibatt. “Nimbus rechargeable batteries demonstrate 8x higher power density than traditional coin batteries, and maintain this advantage at thickness as low as 1.6 mm. With this very thin structure, we hope to remove some design challenges that current health and medical wearables have and enable more compact and sleek designs with more functionalities.”

Nimbus is Millibatt’s second generation product, based on 3D microstructured electrode architectures developed at the University of California, Los Angeles by a team of researchers including Janet Hur and Leland Smith, COO and co-founder of Millibatt. Millibatt holds an exclusive license from UCLA, along with a dozen company-owned patents issued and in prosecution.

“Thanks to our proprietary technology, we can achieve much higher power density and energy density compared to others in a very thin form factor. Our vertically integrated manufacturing line is easily adapted to various battery formats,” said Leland Smith. “We are excited to help our customers realize their most ambitious product designs.”

About Millibatt:
As a leader in battery innovation, Millibatt provides the best power solution for small electronics in the market. Millibatt’s innovative battery allows for high performance and adaptability to fit into its small size.



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