Atlis Motor Vehicles battery cell output increases 15x as production ramps to meet customer demand

Atlis Motor Vehicles, a vertically integrated electric vehicle technology ecosystem company, and the first battery manufacturer to be fully owned and operated in the US, has announced a fifteen-fold increase in daily battery cell output since the start of trial mass production in November 2022, while continuing to make additional improvements to ensure customer demand is met.

Following the intended execution plan outlined as part of their most recent funding in Q4 2022, concerted efforts to scale production have resulted in the ability to manufacture significantly more battery cells per week at its Arizona facility. Atlis has invested in new equipment and technology to increase automation and efficiency, which the Company says will result in further increases in production capability in the coming months.

I can’t emphasize enough just how important this milestone is for Atlis. Through team growth, efficiency improvements, and calculated investments in manufacturing technology, Atlis has gone from hand-building roughly 30 battery cells per week to manufacturing hundreds of battery cells weekly,” stated Mark Hanchett, Atlis Motor Vehicles’ Founder and CEO. “Unlike foreign owned, tier-one battery manufacturers, Atlis is the only U.S. based company manufacturing battery cells stateside. We’re keeping pace with our intended execution plan and committed to meeting production milestones as we scale manufacturing capabilities in 2023 and work to meet the growing demand for Atlis battery technology.



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