GMG announces initial factory acceptance testing of semi automated prototype battery cell assembly equipment

Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. (“GMG”) has provided an update on its ongoing investment in the Company’s Battery Development Centre (“BDC”). Critical members of GMG’s Battery Team have visited its United Kingdom partners to inspect and test the partially automated cell assembly equipment.

In December 2022, the GMG Board approved additional capital expenditure, to accelerate the progress of semi-automatic pouch cell prototype production in the BDC for customer trials and Graphene Aluminium Ion (G+AI) Battery cell development.

The equipment will automate key steps in cell assembly for pouch cells to reduce manual processing and enable consistent and simple repeatable outputs, all of which the Company considers important for the next stage of GMG’s G+AI battery development roadmap.

GMG’s Managing Director and CEO, Craig Nicol, commented: “We anticipate this investment will significantly improve GMG’s capability and flexibility to further develop GMG’s G+AI Battery pouch prototypes in various sizes in a wider group of potential customers. We look forward to the prototype assembly equipment being operational by the end of 2023.”

GMG intends to expand the Battery Development Centre, work with various scientific and engineering methods to optimise capacity, energy and power density, other battery parameters and overall design to achieve production of commercial coin cell and/or pouch cell prototypes.

This milestone aligns with GMG’s 4 critical Business Objectives, namely

  1. Produce Graphene and improve/scale production process
  2. Build Revenue from Energy Savings Products
  3. Develop Next-Generation Battery
  4. Develop Supply Chain, Partners & Project Execution Capability




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