Lithium-ion battery recycler ABTC expands operations with purchase of move-in ready, commercial-scale facility

American Battery Technology Company (ABTC), an American critical battery materials company that is commercializing both its primary minerals manufacturing and secondary minerals lithium-ion battery recycling technologies, entered into agreements for the purchase of a move-in-ready, commercial-scale battery recycling facility located in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) at 2500 Peru Drive, McCarran, Nevada, to expand operations of its first-of-kind lithium-ion battery recycling technologies.

The demand for domestically produced and sustainably sourced battery metals has grown at a near insatiable rate over recent years, as the domestic manufacturing capacity of lithium-ion batteries has grown exponentially from less than 50 GWh/year to now over 700 GWh/year of operational and announced capacity. This rapid growth in demand has been further amplified with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the Fall of 2022, which includes mechanisms to incentivize electric vehicle manufacturers and consumers to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) that source battery metals from domestic manufacturers.

In response to this dramatically increased demand for its recycled products from domestic automotive and battery OEMs, ABTC has entered into agreements to purchase a move-in ready, commercial-scale battery recycling facility, that will allow the company to rapidly implement its internally-developed lithium-ion battery recycling technologies at significantly higher capacity than previously planned. This approximately 137,000 square foot facility is currently vacant and was previously used for the recycling of lead-acid batteries, and as such is already designed and permitted for similar operations. While all of the legacy processing equipment has been removed, the facility is already equipped with the necessary infrastructure equipment including the electrical distribution, HVAC, compressed air, nitrogen, water treatment, material handling, analytical quality control, and operational control rooms necessary to implement ABTC’s internally-developed lithium-ion battery recycling technologies.

“We are excited to be able to capitalize on this opportunity to accelerate the first commercial-scale implementation of our integrated lithium-ion battery recycling technologies,” stated ABTC CEO Ryan Melsert. “The purchase of this existing facility was significantly lower cost than constructing a new facility of similar design, and the fact that it is move-in ready with the necessary infrastructure equipment already installed will allow us to accelerate our start of commercial-scale operations.




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